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*Anonymous Submission: Suprise!*

So I was at the [edited] sale, minding my own business, camming around, when all of a sudden my screen was
filled with the bare ass and caged penis of a German she-male. S/he must have been quite drafty without
underwear or a shirt, though I’ve heard pierced prim nipples are an excellent heat source. She’s not bad
looking overall, (beyond the ginormous boobs) but the sheer inappropriateness at a store is what made me
take the picture and send it your way. Plus, it kind of amuses me.


8 Responses to “*Anonymous Submission: Suprise!*”

  1. MoxZ Says:

    Whoa Nelly! O.M.G. Be very glad that thing was in a cage! *shudders*

  2. Chief D. Rockin Says:

    LOL. I hate to think of what that lil guy is capable of with out the muzzle on!

  3. J Says:

    love how from the thigh down theres like, 0% skin. 😛

    looks like her tube top slipped down while her(?) skirt simultaneously worked up. happens to us all. lmao.

  4. Sabastian Westland Says:

    Just Speachless 0.o


  5. Natali Says:

    omg I totally didnt see `it` last week when I skimmed the pics. `K click `n click again and so what…`. lol scary but kudos on the nice matching colour of nipples and extra bits :p

  6. Dania Says:


  7. elysium eilde Says:

    OMG I WAS THERE! I sent almost the exact same snapshot to a friend with the statement “you just can’t do this in public”. So glad to see it made it here!

  8. Ryker Beck Says:

    I think I KNOW that girl… *hmms*

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