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Have you ever logged in to find unexpected house guests? What about uninvited, naked house guests!? Well, you can imagine my surprise when I logged in last night to find two avatards getting jiggy in my own bed room!!

The Perp:
Revelation Sperber – Resident since 2007, proclaimed drummer, and documented neo-natzi – likes his woman tall and manly. Prefers to keep his pants ON.

Here he is post incident calling me a bitch.

(photo credit: Crap Mariner)

7 Responses to “BUSTED!!”

  1. Shimere Felisimo Says:

    This has happened to so many people that I know. What amazes me is the sense of entitlement of these people. A friend found that not only were they using her bed, but they had changed the color of her scripted furniture. I found two people lounging out near my pool. The guy had actually started to build his own cabana. When I pointed out that he was on my land, using my prims, he got angry with me, just like Mr. Sperber.

  2. Chief D. Rockin Says:

    Oh, and the Chick has the nerve to tell me she thought it was public? Public in SL? First of all, there isn’t much privacy, so I would consider about 99% of SL to be public.

    But am I seriously supposed to believe someone who has been around since 2007 can’t determine the difference between someone’s home and a free sex area!? Seriously!?

  3. Frans Charming Says:

    Maybe you should ask a small fee for a hour of use of your bed. Earn some shopping money while you sleep.

  4. Chief D. Rockin Says:

    Hahah Frans – as a matter of fact I did offer to rent her the space for a small fee!

  5. AN Says:

    Thaats why i dont have a house yet hahaha girl that man is really ugly hahaha

  6. Pris Aquila Says:

    It seems that freebie skin and shape is popular among the men who don’t want to pay for their appearance. I recognize it bc when I was creating my bf noob av, a nice guy clued me in. I believe it is the “Calvin” shape from Adora and “Empire Tan”. It sufficed for awhile, but we sprung for the Mild 7 Den-Dou. So much better 😉

    As far as ppl showing up in your place, I’m renting a skybox that has no doors! You’d have to search really hard to find this place, thankfully.

  7. Archie Lukas Says:

    I believe he has Consumption

    She definitely has no morals to screw that.

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