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Citizens Arrest!

Fashion Disasters_headache

Fashion Disasters_HELP ME

Fashion Disasters_that awful skin

^ We Agree!

5 Responses to “Citizens Arrest!”

  1. Trixie Bumbo Says:

    OMG…..I so recognize that skin in picture 3. Matter of fact, when I first started in SL I ran around in that for way too long, thinking I was really hot shit. At last I wasn’t totally wrong – had the shit part right!

  2. Pris Aquila Says:

    OHHHHH YEEEEEAH, she’s rockin’ one of the Shy Caramelles. I remember trying it on and was like, “hmmmmm, doesn’t look too Asian”. LOL.

  3. Pris Aquila Says:

    I’m also diggin’ the system hair in #3. Even as a noob, I sensed it wasn’t good to be sporting system hair!

  4. Archie Lukas Says:

    I know someone who looks like the 2nd an third shot.

    Too many ciggies and booze.

    Needless to say I avoid them like the plague

  5. shelby Says:

    I know the girl in pic 3. She was offered a beautiful skin for free and declined it because she likes the way she looks.

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