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I wish I was wearing beer goggles

This is just too much for me to try to take in sober…


8 Responses to “I wish I was wearing beer goggles”

  1. Exuberance! Says:


  2. Dania Says:

    dear god no. she looks like a dead chicken.

  3. Pris Aquila Says:

    serious WTF.

  4. Ninny Ishtari Says:

    Yes…it does look like a dead chicken…and not even a corn fed dead chicken…lol..oh well…sometimes I don’t look too hot myself…lol

  5. Lionheart Milena Says:


  6. flor held Says:

    LOLOLOLOL!!! LOVED this blog, now is my favo!! 😀

  7. chalice carling Says:

    Exactly like a dead chicken. I’ll never eat the breast meat again.

  8. Gemma Says:

    Lol this is me i just gave up trying to look nice so i took all my clothes off and randomized my shape…….mind you the skin was nice

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