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Just HOW BIG is enough?

Just HOW BIG do you need your lips to be?
There’s nothing more disgusting than overly pumped lip with a stretched lip texture. It looks like you have a barbecue sauce smear over the lip.
Either the skin makers need to start making 2x larger lips (from the example in the picture, please make them from right under the nose to overlap the chin, please) or just start making prim lips with an invisiprim to replace your head and make it all one giant pie-hole. What’s with the recent beauty standar in SL anyway? Eyes are shifting further and further apart (are we going towards a ‘fish look?’)…And as far as lashes go – just quit buying them and kill 2 coons and jam them into your eye sockets. Thanks.

7 Responses to “Just HOW BIG is enough?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe you need to grow up and not cast aspersions just because a lady turns you away, Aaron. You thought she was beautiful enough to come on to her, but because she doesn’t want to jump on you right there and then, you take a picture and insult her? Considering you’ve been around SL for 3+ years, you’d think you’d have more class. But then, permanewbs abound in SL.

  2. Connor Ellison Says:

    So let me get this straight… You come on to a lady, and she turns you away, so you take a picture and bash her? How very grown up of you.

    You thought she was beautiful enough to push sexual innuendo at her, but because she doesn’t immediately bow to your wonderful manliness, you take it upon yourself to publicly berate her. You’d think that after 3 years of being in SL, you might have learned a few things… but then permanewbs abound in SL.

  3. Miefmupfel Willis Says:

    OMG, you’re so damn right…..

  4. Blackheart Rev Says:

    the lips are disgusting but the eye make up is actually correct with some scenes. you might be too old to know this or a nerd though. nerd police is who should investigate you. anyway yeah i agree the lips are crap though. Most designers in sl make ugly lips or weird eyebrows or that star trek alien smudge from the nose up into the forehead i have yet to see on any real human beings. This skin still looks cuter than the one your avatar has though so the shape is decent at least.

  5. Minka Says:

    Why you be so hateful? All I see are comments everywhere how everyone but small group sucks at sl and fashion. Lips are lips. SO what if are big. I not have big lips but i know how to use them for good not for bad like you do.

  6. Se7en Wirsing Says:

    Ms. Rockin,
    I love your blog! I have never seen anything like it. I’m sure I could fit right in here, although I have no slider difficulties or bare skin showing. Thank you for the hardy laugh!

  7. sevenjeanssale Says:

    I agree. Yes pouty lips are in but there is a difference between the bee stung look and having two pillows stuck to your face. Sometimes less is more.

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