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Why is this still happening?

I’m sure many of you have noticed that it’s been quite a long time since our last update. Truth be told the economy has forced us into taking up employment as Mall Cops… embarrassing, I know!

But you know what’s more embarrassing?? Walking around like a sopping wet amazon quarterback!

This report just in:

“That was scary, like Naomi Campbell after a steroid diet. Also check the body oil!!!”

Wet Amazon QB 1

Wet Amazon QB 2

9 Responses to “Why is this still happening?”

  1. Porsupah Ree Says:

    Curiously, the next article my RSS reader took me to was this corset ad from 1902, courtesy of Copyranter:


    Plus ça change.. ^_^

  2. Chief D. Rockin Says:

    too funny @Porsupah!

  3. OMG Says:

    They are scary!!!

  4. Nyx Divine Says:

    I was thinking about SL Fashion Police the other day.

    I believe it is likely that a small number (or possibly not so small) of individuals are in SL and do not own a monitor.

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. Darkenproceed Ruby Says:

    lol too funny almost peeded my self

  7. .... Says:

    Well what do you expect. Look at some of the places you girls take these pictures. This looks like that lesbian sex palace. Of course shitty looking avis. And most your other pictures are from freebie shops. Noobies so of course they look bad. Everyone did when they were new. Maybe go find a new hobbie? Rather than spending all your time trolling around sex and freebie places snapping shots and writting up long blogs about them. Personally I have better things to do with my time.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Why are you hanging out in places like this? lol! All the freebie sex places of course you see ugly people you dumbass! Please get a life.

  9. Audrey Darkrose Says:

    I honestly don’t know where you go on SL to find such heinous aviators but I really don’t wish to find out. I always knew there would be some newbs that’d screw up royally but REALLY I had no idea people could be so DUMB.

    P.S. Yeah I did just use my SL name…

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