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Our Staff

Chief D. Rockin

Officer D. Rockin

“TheDiva Rockin” in world. I’m an SL Socialite and total Shop-a-holic, doing my best to keep up with various events and all the newest releases from those Fabulous Fashionistas. So thankful for organizations like the Fashion Consolidated Group, Second Style Magazine and the Fashion Planet Blog, tho the’re prolly more of a curse to my pixel wallet than a blessing.

Former Image Consultant for Purple Stripe Productions and Events Coordinator for SoHo island. I spent a good deal of time working for The Electric Sheep as an Events Manager and Machinima Assistant followed by Director of Marketing and Support for Onrez, which has since been obtained by the Lindens and merged with XL Streets.

I decided to start the SL Fashion Police™ blog (SLFP) out of pure shock and awe at the amount of people who just schlep thru the Metaverse in the same old rags they were rezzed in. My hopes for it’s future will result in a fleet of like minded, fashion savvy patrol men & women bringing justice and style to the streets of Second Life.

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Sergeant Phoenix


Hey all! My name is Phoenix Chapman in-world. I love clothes and shopping for clothes, so you’ll often find me in one store or another, besides the hours I spend working as a greeter at Blaze and Nyte N Day.

After giggling at the insane looks our fellow residents dress in and deem appropriate on the blog, I decided to make a pitch to The Diva for a position here, and now I’m out on the streets snapping pics of you (well, maybe not *you*) when you’re not looking.

Officer Amanda  Shinji

Amanda is a bad ass Brit who will not hesitate to slap you with a fine for indecency. She is also one of Second Life’s TOP DJ masterminds. We are honored to have her on our team!

More Soon!
~ Chief D. Rockin
Rookie Pansy Snoring


Greetings all! I am Pansy Snoring in world and I have loved the SL Fashion Police since I found it and was just thrilled when I was picked by default to point fingers and snicker at other’s unfortunate (errr fortunate for us) fashion sense. I will do my best to live up to the standards set by Diva and Phoenix and the secret agents in bringing you the baddest of the bad. And boy, am I ever glad I don’t live in a glass house!