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Archive: Indecent Exposure

I wish I was wearing beer goggles

This is just too much for me to try to take in sober…




Have you ever logged in to find unexpected house guests? What about uninvited, naked house guests!? Well, you can imagine my surprise when I logged in last night to find two avatards getting jiggy in my own bed room!!

The Perp:
Revelation Sperber – Resident since 2007, proclaimed drummer, and documented neo-natzi – likes his woman tall and manly. Prefers to keep his pants ON.

Here he is post incident calling me a bitch.

(photo credit: Crap Mariner)

Back and more “Back”

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since the last post! RL has really eaten up my time lately!! For those of you who aren’t following me on Twitter or my Personal Blog, I’ve been adjusting to singlehood and exploring the world of “dating”, but think of you all often and cringe when I see stuff like this in my inbox:


Baby got enough back for 5 avvies!


…and here, children, is a reason why you should never mix drugs with Second Life. How’d you like to wake up next to this thing in the morning!??


As always, I will try to be better with updates (inbetween coffee and dinner dates). Submit your violations at SLFP911[at] @gmail.com

PSA: Security Breach

We had a slight mishap at the station and our security was breached! The perps got away with about 5 months of case data stripping the site of some of SL’s worst offenders!

Rest assured that we will be working double time to capture and recover these missing files and have enhanced our security to avoid any such mishaps in the future.

If you should know the whereabouts of any missing cases, please report them at once to SLFP911[at]gmail[dot]com!

Think Pink, but remeber Less is More!

It’s October and all over the internets people are going pink to show their support for The Cause

Naturally, we’re seeing an influx in avatars supporting the cause in their own ways….



While we fully support and love Boobies….we’d prefer it if you didn’t apply the “Go big or go home” to them…. good lord woman, you’re gonna poke someone’s Face out!!

Runner up

Tonight’s runner up in the Wet and Wild T-shirt competition:


They nearly lost 2 contestants and a judge to that medusa like mane. Yetch.

Crimes Against The Ass

Lately we`ve seen a major crime wave on the grid, and the victim is always the same: the ass.  Today, I am focusing on Seven Ultra Lounge,where most of the patrons look pretty good, but sometimes an offender slips through, and of course, the SL Fashion Police is there to make the apprehension!


Now, this poor unfortunate soul’s pants appear to have been eaten by her ass, leaving her undies exposed, and it appears her belt is next on the menu.  Now, lest there be confusion, I am not mocking her ass, I’m sure it’s perfectly adequate and she doesn’t fall over when she sits or anything.  But feed it, before it starts snacking on your clothes!


This dancer getting her groove on must’ve gotten dressed in the dark, because she is missing a very important part of her look:  pants!  Or a skirt, anything, something!  I’m all for looking sexy and cute, but there is a line and that line is: no one should be able to give you a gynocological exam at the club! (Unless you’re in the bathroom, and ermm…yeah)

Today’s report has been brought to you by the Society for the Advocation of Pants.

~Sgt. Phoenix

Rockin’ The Rockabilly Palace

Back that Booty up!  Hold up, wait a minute, who let the oil wrestling champ into artilleri?  On the left, it looks like she’s backing that ass up, but when you look at her front, she’s holding up her arms like she’s gonna do the bunny hop!  I won’t tell you her name, but I can promise you it’s *at least* as classy as her avatar is.


I would think with the amount of oil this chick has slathered on her, there should be no problem whatsoever with oil supply on the grid.

Kids, just say no to oil, shorts that ride up the front and back cracks, and pink erm…bootie shoes?

Three’s Company

Poor girl, If it’s not bad enough she was rezzed with a set of back breakers, I can’t imagine the trouble she must go thru finding a bra that supports her third nipple. She must feel so exposed walking around like that.


Close, but no…err Pants?

These lovely ladies appear to be suffering from the residual effects of Pants off Dance off! We understand it’s the latest craze sweeping the grid, heck – I am personally a huge fan of the sport, but let this serve as a reminder to you all – it’s fine to let loose every once in a while and boogie with your but out, but please be sure to collect *all* your belongings before hitting the malls!

The best of the bunch, we’ll let her off with a warning.

Looks like this avvie is taking “Riding Bareback” to the extreme.

I think she’s just learned the hard way about the dangers of not wearing pants… or clothes in general – don’t let this happen to you!