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Archive: PSA

Citizens Arrest!

Fashion Disasters_headache

Fashion Disasters_HELP ME

Fashion Disasters_that awful skin

^ We Agree!

PSA: Security Breach

We had a slight mishap at the station and our security was breached! The perps got away with about 5 months of case data stripping the site of some of SL’s worst offenders!

Rest assured that we will be working double time to capture and recover these missing files and have enhanced our security to avoid any such mishaps in the future.

If you should know the whereabouts of any missing cases, please report them at once to SLFP911[at]gmail[dot]com!

PSA: Crashes, Mashes & More!

I know you’re all just dying for some actual content here…and believe me, have we got it!! Well, my pc crashed, and while it’s currently capable of doing many things including SL (Yay!) – I need a new motherboard & memory module – this will be the 3rd time!! I have no sound nor input audio, which is weird. I realize now how dependent I am on sound, alerts and such.

Comp-icapped and all, I had the pleasure of rockin some tunes over at my new fav hangout, Second Life’s hottest night club, Seven Ultra Lounge. Can I just say, the place is hot! Check it out, even if nothing is going on event wise – it is a beautiful build!! Worth the price of admission, by far!  Be sure you dress accordingly, We’ve got the place bugged 😉

Quick FYI: We’re gonna have to recall all of the Fisher Price Sing-a-longs – Just look what it did to Callie Cline!!

Oh, and please leave your gestures at home – they have strict enforcement of this rule – not that we don’t all love a gesture here and there, but some of you…you know who you are!…. have little to no self control!! This may be acceptable behavior at some clubs, but @ Seven, it’s about the conversation too – so no spammy gestures, and no green chatter!!

Our very own Phoenix Chapman will be making an appearance in the next edition of HOMME Magazine, and I am super excited! Be sure to keep an eye on their site for it!!

Lastly, tomorrow is the SL Blogger Party from 1pm SLT to whenever! Those who have attended in the past know these are themed. Well, our Hostess…err Mistress of the Month, Veyron Supercharged, has chosen to hold a little D/S party. Get all the dirty details *here*

Yours Truly will be up for auction @ 2pm SLT. I actually agreed to it, not realizing the theme!! I should have known better coming from Veyron! LOL. So go cash in your USD for some $L – bidding starts at $500L. All are welcome, not just bloggers!!

Better hop into SL and find something smexxxy to wear for the party!!

Announcement: News & Shoes

I posted some news over on I *Heart* SL just now, and for those of you who do not follow the fashion feeds, I wanted to be sure you got notice.

Please Read “News & Shoes @ I *Heart* SL”

PSA: Long Overdue Welcome to Officer A. Shinji

Hopefully she wont take my extreme procrastination on announcing her position as concern that I am not Thrilled to have her on the team….

Please give a Warm Welcome to our Newest addition to the team – Officer Amanda Shinji! She’s the baddest Brit I know and to top that, one hell of a DJ.

After an amazing reformation following a fine for over grown “hedges”, I have no doubt she will be a valuable member to the Blog….and I’m totally not just saying that ’cause she speaks British 😉


PSA: Summer is Upon Us!

I’ve been off frolicking in RL for the past few week so apologies if you are suffering from withdrawals!

It’s important to us that you all receive as many tips and guidelines for your Summer Attire as possible.  So here are a few images that should help you keep your avvie safe from sunburn and the embarrassment of being cited by the SLFP.



Do apply the proper sunscreen for your skin type this summer. Dipping yourself in icing is not an acceptable alternative.


Announcement! SLFP Deputized by LL

You may have head the rumors floating around the blogosphere. Kanomi Pikajuna leaked the news earlier this week stating:

“As part of a new community outreach program, Linden Lab has granted special administrative powers to members of the Second Life Fashion Police, in effect ‘deputizing’ the staff of the popular fashion crimes blog.”

Read the full article [here]

With these powers comes great responsibility! To help alleviate the additional workload we’d like to welcome our newest recruit to the team – Hope Clary! Hope has been in training for this position for a little over a year now. We believe she will make an excellent addition to the team with her “strong personality” and sensible style.

Please give her a warm welcome!

Additionally, we are in desperate need of new uniforms! Something we were not able to negotiate in our contract. Please contact us at SLFashionPolice (at) Gmail (dot) com if you are a designer or know of one who might be interested in taking on this task! Please bear in mind our high standards and assorted body shapes.

Now you may return to your regurlarly scheduled down time. 🙂

~Chief D. Rockin

PSA: Bigger is NOT Better!

Seems to me that you ladies missed the memo…..


Now, I’ve heard of a Cougar before but this is just going a lil too far! and to top it all off…rockin an Axle Rose bandanna?…No No NO!

*Reader Submission*


Tamara K sent in this submission pointing out the fact that this chick spent money on prim titts before prim hair! Truth is…this looks like a personal botch job. Not only are they ridiculously large,  but shiny?  *Barf*

I think you people are just begging to get locked up!

This has been another public service announcement from your local SLFP

~ Chief D. Rockin