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Just HOW BIG is enough?

Just HOW BIG do you need your lips to be?
There’s nothing more disgusting than overly pumped lip with a stretched lip texture. It looks like you have a barbecue sauce smear over the lip.
Either the skin makers need to start making 2x larger lips (from the example in the picture, please make them from right under the nose to overlap the chin, please) or just start making prim lips with an invisiprim to replace your head and make it all one giant pie-hole. What’s with the recent beauty standar in SL anyway? Eyes are shifting further and further apart (are we going towards a ‘fish look?’)…And as far as lashes go – just quit buying them and kill 2 coons and jam them into your eye sockets. Thanks.



Of all things, I run into *this* … I felt I should have charged her for emotional distress.  And the one below – guys, I dig guys being in female avatars, it is a turn on for me … however, please put some effort into studying female facial features!



Any comments necessary?



I scoped out the Ms Beautiful Competition today and here are some of the highlights of girls who want to be models.


Fight world hunger by donating your buns?


Well at least she can reach the bottom of Heinz Ketchup Bottle in order to feed the hungry.


It’s time someone started coining ‘Your hips are so small’ jokes. Or it may be some new ‘levitating skirt’ fashion craze I am unaware of.