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Of all things, I run into *this* … I felt I should have charged her for emotional distress.  And the one below – guys, I dig guys being in female avatars, it is a turn on for me … however, please put some effort into studying female facial features!


Do Not Attempt to Adjust Your Monitor


It wont make her any more easier to figure out.  I tried.

Bobbsey Twins

Uggh! Not only do they have hideous body shapes, they have no sense of style… not even close! bobsytwins

What is up with the blue outfit’s fabric covering the knees like that? and can some one please get her a shoe base stat!?


Any comments necessary?



I scoped out the Ms Beautiful Competition today and here are some of the highlights of girls who want to be models.


Fight world hunger by donating your buns?


Well at least she can reach the bottom of Heinz Ketchup Bottle in order to feed the hungry.


It’s time someone started coining ‘Your hips are so small’ jokes. Or it may be some new ‘levitating skirt’ fashion craze I am unaware of.


PSA: Security Breach

We had a slight mishap at the station and our security was breached! The perps got away with about 5 months of case data stripping the site of some of SL’s worst offenders!

Rest assured that we will be working double time to capture and recover these missing files and have enhanced our security to avoid any such mishaps in the future.

If you should know the whereabouts of any missing cases, please report them at once to SLFP911[at]gmail[dot]com!

SL Fashion Poll: Tootsies ?


Dear Readers,

We here are SLFP wanna hear from you! A newer trend in fashion has popped up and we’re not quite sure if it’s a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

While I think the toes are quite cute and much better then the boxy avatar toes, we’ve never seen them done in a manner that they look natural.

One observer exclaimed: it looks like some one stole someone else’s toes and sewed them a pair of shoes.

I have not yet had a chance to launch a full investigation, so I’m calling out to all the Jr. Fashion Police Agents on the grid to help determine if prim toes are a Yay or Nay?

create a free poll on pollsb.com

Owner of a Lonely Heart

I know there are times when it feels as if all the good guys are taken. You may wander aimlessly in search of love, or an occasional one night stand. You’re seeking attention and resort to extremes. Sometimes it feels as though you can’t even even give it away for free.girl-at-celestial-studios-back.jpggirl-at-celestial-studios.jpg

We feel your pain. We see you desperation. We beg you to remember that old saying… why buy the milk when you can get the cow for free and for gawd sake find some clothes!  

*editors note: This is one of the cutest avies I’ve seen come through, but we really don’t need to see the whole kit & caboodle. Please help her!! 

Your Momma says you Ugly!

And I can’t help but agree…. Where is a paper bag when you need one? snapshot_001.jpg

Oh, and next time you think about trying to pick up “My Man” you better check yourself, cause you’ve Seriously Wrecked Yourself!

Think Pink, but remeber Less is More!

It’s October and all over the internets people are going pink to show their support for The Cause

Naturally, we’re seeing an influx in avatars supporting the cause in their own ways….



While we fully support and love Boobies….we’d prefer it if you didn’t apply the “Go big or go home” to them…. good lord woman, you’re gonna poke someone’s Face out!!